The Mobile Tech Work Station provides a certified EPA 6H compliant booth virtually anywhere in just a few minutes. Using many of the patented design features of our Mobile Work Stationģ, this complete portable limited finishing workstation provides an on-site booth with the versatility you need to prep, spray primer, and paint anywhere. The Mobile Tech Work Station will: * Help protect you and your work from the elements * Display your professionalism * Show your commitment to quality and to protecting your customerís property and the environment. The Mobile Tech Work Stationís multi-stage filtration system has been show to remove 99.78% of paint overspray from the air, and carbon filters remove odors and VOCís. Designed for standard sized 20″ x 20″ filters, it also features adjustable filter racks so the combination of filters used can be customized to the type and level of filtration desired. The versatility of these unique units allows them to be used in many different ways. Itís truly the on-site, outdoor, on-the-go portable booth.