FEATURE: o Used for automotive, truck, farm and heavy equipment repair. o Perfect for a variety of autobody repair, frame repair and construction jobs o Contains all heavy duty equipment needed for lifting, pushing pulling, bending, straightening & o spreading. o Easy to assemble o Safe extremely o Easy to use SPECIFICATIONS: o Color: Yellow o Size:28 x 15.7 x 5.9 inch o Weight:64 lbs o Load Capacity: 10 tons o Jack Power Type: Hydraulic o Max Lifting Height: 135 mm-358MM o Cylinder Min Height:390 mm o Working Pressure: 62 Mpa o Oil Be Filled: 500 g o 56' long high pressure hose PACKAGE INCLUDES: o 1xhydraulic hand pump o 1x56' jack hose o 1x10 ton ram o 1xspreader ram o 1x22' extension o 1x12' extension o 1x8' extension o 1x4' extension o 1xmale connector o 1xflat base o 1xwedge head o 1xspreader plunger toe o 1xspreader ram toe o 1xserrated saddle o 1xRubber Head o 1xHigh Impact case NOTE: o 1.Check the level of oil,if it is not sufficient,please add the same hydraulic oil. o 2.After using,close the valve with the cover,to keep the oil free from the dust and dirt. o 3.Before lifting,adjust the jack slowly to make the load coaxial with resnect to jack. o 4.Tube can not be bent,near to the catting tools and fires,also can not put te weight on it. o 5.Maximum load can not exceed the rated capacity o 6.The load can not exceed the half of the capacity when all tubes used. o 7.The extension of the piston can net exceed the stroke. https://www.5startools.com/tools-1/10-ton-porta-power-hydraulic-jack-auto-body-f rame-repair-kit Tel : 773-225-5979 KEN