This set comes with: 1☆) 1 Heavy Duty Tie Down Hook Cluster with chain Auto Body Frame Machine Repair Towing tool 16 inches 2☆) 1 5 ton Mo-Clamp style 5850 Small Jaw Tong Clamp scissor clamp 3☆) 1 5 Ton Twin Pull Link - Auto Body Frame Repair Tool Only one chain is needed to use two pull clamps side by side with increased pulling strength 4☆) 1 Mo Clamp Style MCL4145 Grab Double Hook Auto Body Frame Machine Tool 5☆) 1 3 TON 2-WAY Mini Pull Clamp Self-Tightening Grips Auto Body Frame Machine Tool PLEASE NOTE: The color of these tools might be different from pictures depending on availability. Either RED, BLUE, TURQUOISE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GOLD, SILVER Whichever is available will be shipped out. (773) 386-4806 (773) 225-5979