Perform repair jobs on a damaged vehicle much more efficiently than ever before with the Chassis Liner Profit Puller 2 Tower 360 Degree Frame Rack. Extensive damage to automobiles requires tough quality frame racks to correct the inner frame and to perform heavy duty restorative activities. Available in two bed length configurations of 16 feet and 18 feet with 10-tons of pulling power. This frame rack boasts a portable design and can fit a 12' x 20' stall with 8' ceiling. It has rollers that effortlessly and quickly adjust for the exact pulling height. A distinct, two-slotted jaw enables two pulls per tower. The laser-cut bed has a complete encasing of a double rigid H-frame construction. The outside, inside and center of treadways have laser-cut chain tie-down slots to enable several tie-down possibilities, essential for fast anchoring. Invest in the Chassis Liner Profit Puller 2 Tower 360 Frame Rack and it will help restore dented vehicles to a usable condition. Key Features of the Chassis Liner Profit Puller 2 Tower 360 Degree Frame Rack: 10-ton pulling power provides solid torque for heavy duty operations Rollers adjust easily to the desired pulling height Tie-down slots on the center, outside and inside of treadways provide myriad options of quick anchoring Unique two-slotted jaw permits two pulls per tower