This heavy duty frame machine has 2 round towers that move 360 that are 10 TON EACH. One of the towers comes with a roof attachment. The 18' BED tilt bed frame rack is a high quality, durable frame straightening machine designed to accommodate full-frame or uni-body vehicle with 7,700 lb. lighting capacity. Heavy Duty, strongest in the market. Heaviest 20 inches round thick two 10-ton 'clear floor' pulling towers with 360 degree pulling capability and almost unlimited height and angle adjustment. The Great Auto Body Shop work partner. The machine deck offers 2 drop down pin style locking system and a universal anchoring system with adjustable height clamping assemblies. It also comes standard with a pulling chain on each tower, and 1 roof/up pull attachment, universal wheel stands & (2) dead car dollies. 3 YEAR WARRANTY! Features Thick Heavy Steel Design Tilt Bed Clear Floor 360 degree pulling capability. Designed to repair full-frame or uni-body vehicles Hydraulic tilt bed with 7,700 lb. lifting capacity Durable, heavy-duty constructions with powder coat finish Universal anchoring system with adjustable height pinch weld assemblies 2 drop down pin style locking system 2 10-ton round pulling towers (posts) Adjustable tower collars-adjust pulling height and angle by a fraction on an inch. Quick disconnect hydraulic fitting & hose connection Drive-on ramps Comes with: 18' Frame machine thick steel bed which is showing in the picture 2 heavy duty thick 10-ton round pulling towers (posts) Loaded Tool cart with clamps and accessories which is showing in the picture (4) Pinchweld clamps with brackets (15 inch high raise, 3 inch wide grab) (2) 360 degree 'clear floor' pulling towers w/10 ton hydraulics (2) Air/Hydraulic pumps(10,000 PSI) (2) High Pressure hoses (2) Quick connect male and female coupler (2) Pull chains with slip hooks (2) Wheel stands (2) Dead car dolly (1)Roof Attachment (1) Down puller Attachment (1) Tool movable tool cart with clamp and tool (Free with purchase) 3 YEARS WARRANTY!!!!!!! (773) 386-4806 (773) 225-5979 towers