This set comes with: 1☆) 1 Frame Rack Draw Bar with Shackle & Oval Loop MO-CLAMP style MCL4047 2☆) 1 AUTO BODY FRAME CLAMP CLAW Mo-clamp style MCL4110 HOOK CHAIN AND CHAIN HOOK Mo-clamp style MCL6010 MO CLAMP STYLE 20 IN LONG 3☆) 1 3 TON 2-WAY Mini Pull Clamp Self-Tightening Grips Auto Body Frame Machine Tool 4☆) 1 Bolt-less Strut Tower Puller MO-CLAMP style MCL2450 Shock Strut Tower Puller Clamp Auto Body Frame Machine clamp 5☆) 1 5 Ton Mo-Clamp style Frame Rack Dyna-Mo Clamp 4024 6☆) 1 Mo Clamp Style MCL4145 Grab Double Hook Auto Body Frame Machine Tool 7☆) 1 Mo-Clamp style MCL1300 Sill Hook Tooth Round Hook Clamp Grip Pull Auto Body 8☆) 1 5 ton Mo-Clamp style 5850 Small Jaw Tong Clamp scissor clamp 9☆) 1 3 Ton Frame Back Self-Tightening Grips & Auto Body Repair Pull Clamp Self-Tightening Scissor Pulling Clamp Serrated Jaw Body Frame Repair tool 10☆) 1 Mo-clamp style MCL4030 Three-Way Pull Clamp style Self-Tightening Grip Pull Heavy Duty Clamp 11☆) 1 Mo-clamp style MCL0750 Lip Grip with Side Pull Bracket 12☆) 1 Mo-clamp style Handy Hook MCL1000 Handy Hook 13☆) 1 3 TON SELF-TIGHTENING SINGLE WAY LONG NOSE PULL CLAMP GRIPS & AUTO BODY REPAIR 14☆) 1 Mo-clamp style MCL4150 Double Looper PLEASE NOTE: The color of these tools might be different from pictures depending on availability. Either RED, BLUE, TURQUOISE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GOLD, SILVER Whichever is available will be shipped out. (773) 386-4806 (773) 225-5979