FREE SHIPPING Auto Body L Shape Frame Puller Straightener 10 Ton PSI air pump AVAILABLE COLORS RED & BLUE Width 6ft 8 Inches Length 12f 6 inches 
 1 Eagle Pro Air Pump 1 Right Angle Clamp 1 Handy Link 1 C Clamp 1 Self-Tightening 2-WAY Mini Pull Clamp 1 5 Ton Frame Back Self-Tightening Grips Clamp 1 Self-Tightening Grips Jr. Clamp 1 Jumbo Deep Hook Set 1 Auto body Pull Strap 1 Tools Cart as showing in the picture Free Air Go Jack 3 ton 6600 Lbs Triple Bag as showing in the picture. 
 ***This purchase includes everything you see in the pictures.*** 
Will ship to Business address, If shipping is residential address there will be a $100 Shipping charge BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR UNLOADING AT DELIVERY If you have any questions we can be reached Kamran 773-225-5979 or Jay 773-386-4806