Caroliner Car-O-Liner CR510 Inverter L/C 3 Phase Spot Welder $12,500 (Hayden ID)

The CR510 W/HP Water Cooled / High Pressure C-Tong Inverter Spot Welder is designed for quality-minded body shops to provide quality spot welds with all new high-strength steels and welding processes!

Unmatched in power, intelligence and versatility!

  • High Pressure Water-Cooled C-Tong
  • Prepared for OEM Programs and Parameters
  • Automatic Adhesive Detection and Adjustment
  • Electrode Pressure Settings in the Display
  • Water Cooling on Both Electrodes
  • High Pressure C-Tong 7 bar-550 daN
  • Versatile Multi-function Gun
  • Two Sided Spot Welding
  • Single Sided Welding
  • Spot Hammer Welding
  • Nut and Bolt Welding
  • Carbon Shrinking
  • Contact Shrinking
  • Molding Clip Rivet Welding
  • Stitch Welding
  • Smart Control Panel
  • Personal Profiles
  • Pre-programmed for Best Performance
  • Updateable for New Metal Types
This is a VGC used welder. It has the A-tong, 600mm & 300 mm yokes, fender edge kit and slide hammer accessories. It shows normal wear & many of the tips have not been used as of yet. I will ship this ANYWHERE. More like units are available as is other USED collision repair equipment from frame machines, measuring & STRW welders.

Call 208-771-0882 for more information - Thanks!

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