MODEL NO. JMFAF-14-9-24-8L. GALVANIZED FRONT AIR FLOW SPRAY BOOTH. DIMENSIONS: Internal Dimensions: 14'0' Wide X 9'0' High X 24'0' Working Depth. External Dimensions: 14'4' Wide X 9'2' High X 24'4' Deep. DESIGN: JMFAF-14-9-24-8L is an enclosed cross air flow auto spray booth. Air enters through front filter doors and is exhausted in the back through a center exhaust plenum with arrestor filters. Lights are exterior mounted on clear tempered glass for maximum light. Man access door is located on the side for personnel access. This booth is design for efficient air flow and lighting. CONSTRUCTION: All panels constructed single wall with 18 gauge galvanized steel with 2' pre-punched (Nut & Bolt assembly) companion panel flanges on outside of unit. DOORS: Main Product Doors: (1) Set of main product filtered doors for a 9' X 9' opening. Single skin 18 Ga. Galvanized steel panels. Man Access Doors: (1) Personnel access door with window size 42' Wide X 84' High. INTAKE: Intake Air Filters: ( ) 20' x 20' x 2' filter pads. EXHAUST PACKAGE: PULLEY AND BELTS ARE INCLUDED. Exhaust Fan: (1) 30' dia. Tube-axial fan. Exhaust Motor: (1) 3HP 3-Phase. Exhaust Filters: ( ) 20' x 20' x 2' Paint Arrestor Filters with Wire Grids. LIGHTING: Light Fixtures: (8) Inspection Grade 4-Tube T-8 120/277V. Open type light fixtures. Electronic Ballast. **WHITE POWDER COATED IS EXTRA** HARDWARE: Set of Installation kit: Hardware, Caulking, Manometer, Screws,Nuts, Bolts, Foam tape, Flat Rubber, Filters, Wire Grids, Clear tempered glass for the open light fixtures, Large brixon latch, And Assembly Drawings. For more information please DO NOT hesitate to give us a call at 626-626-6473, 562-529-8364 Or visit our website