dal-hydraulic-release-pressure Air Hydraulic Foot Pump Pedal 10000 PSI Hose & Coupler Auto shop press, frame machine Hydraulic foot pump supplies the reliable power needed to operate your frame machine, frame straightening equipment, hydraulic presses, among others. It has a maximum working pressure of 10,000 PSI, which can be used for all 10-ton applications 10,000 PSI air/hydraulic foot pump requires 40-150 PSI air pressure Designed to be used with single acting cylinders Provides hands-free operation for pumping and releasing load Usable fluid capacity 98 cubic inches Flow rate 42 cu. in. with no load, 8.5 cu. in. with load This foot pump is powerful and compact and does not take up much space. It is engineered to meet factory standards for performance and safety and is the perfect pump for all your auto body shop hydraulic needs. Spec: Fuel tank capacity: 1.5L Maximum oil output: 1.3L Oil output pressure: 75mpa Pressure range: ≥0.5 Maximum adjustable pressure: 10000 psi, 700 kg/square cm Output oil: 98 cubic inches /1.6 liters Output oil hole: 3/8NPTF connection Intake: 1/4NPT connection Air hose with coil spring NEW Air Hydraulic Foot Pump with 10000 PSI Foot Pedal High Pressure body shop frame WITH HOSE & QUICK CONNECT AND DISCONNECT COUPLER (included) Mainly to used for hydraulic equipment (high pressure) power, for steel structure adjust, corrected. Plug and play Comes with oil Widely used in automobile construction, repair, hydraulic press, auto body shop framework , machinery and equipment work force. ORDER USUALLY SHIP THE SAME BUSINESS DAY! Tel: (773) 225-5979 KAMRAN