ine-3-towers The 22 FEET LONG tilt bed frame rack is a high quality, durable frame straightening machine designed to accommodate full-frame or uni-body vehicle with 7,700 lb. lighting capacity. The three total 30 ton pulling capability each tower has 10-ton pulling capacity, 'clear floor' pulling towers with 360 degree pulling capability and almost unlimited height and angle adjustment. The machine deck offers multiple tie-down/down pull locations and a universal anchoring system with adjustable height clamping assemblies. It also comes standard with a pulling chain on each tower, roof/up pull attachment, universal wheel stands & (2) dead car dollies. Features Thick Heavy Steel Design Tilt Bed Clear Floor 360 degree pulling capability. Designed to repair full-frame or uni-body vehicles Hydraulic tilt bed with 7,700 lb. lifting capacity Durable, heavy-duty constructions with powder coat finish Universal anchoring system with adjustable height pinchweld assemblies Multiple tie-down/down pull locations 3 10-ton round pulling towers (posts) Adjustable tower collars-adjust pulling height and angle by a fraction on an inch. Quick disconnect hydraulic fitting & hose connection Drive-on ramps Includes 22' Frame machine bed which is showing in the picture 3 30-ton round pulling towers (posts) 360 degree 'clear floor' pulling towers w/10 ton hydraulics Stand with clamps and accessories which is showing in the picture (4) Pinchweld assemblies with clamps (2) Air/Hydraulic pumps(10,000 PSI) Each tower gets its own pump (2) Pull chains with hooks (2) Wheel stands (2) Dead car dolly Pusher Tel: (773) 225-5979 KAMRANADVANI