This mega tool set comes with: 1) 1 Mo clamp style 5622 Strut tower chain plates holes 2) 1 Mo Clamp style 4050 Multi-Angle pulling clamp Auto body frame machine clamp pull 3) 1 5 Ton Frame Back Self-Tightening Grips & Auto Body Repair Pull Clamp Heavy Duty 4) 1 Grab Hook with T 7 hook 5) 1 3 TON 2-WAY Mini Pull Clamp Self-Tightening Grips Auto Body Frame Machine Tool 6) 1 Mo-Clamp Style 6318 Grab Hook 7 Heavy Frame Machine TOW TRUCK WRECKER 7) 1 5/16 Curved hook 8) 1 Looper Claw Hooks Clamp Bumper Hook Pull Auto Body Frame Machine tool Bumpers 9) 1 T Hook 10) 1 5 ton SCISSOR PULLING CLAMP 11) 1 Heavy Duty Tie Down Hook Cluster with chain Auto Body Frame Machine Repair Towing tool 12) 1 5 TON 2 WAY FRAME RACK PULL CLAMP MULTI-WAY DENT PULLER STRAIGHT CROSS WAY RIGHT ANGLE CLAMP 13) 1 Grab Hook with R Hook 14) 1 SELF-TIGHTENING SINGLE WAY LONG NOSE PULL CLAMP GRIPS & AUTO BODY REPAIR 15) 1 Screw Pin Chain Shackle with T 7 hook 16) 1 Professional Mo-Clamp style 2 way Pulling Clamp C shape Auto Body Frame Machine tools 17) 1 MO Clamp style 3220 Flat Nose Sheet Metal Hook L hook Auto Body Frame Tool 18) 1 MO Clamp style 3220 pointy Nose Sheet Metal Hook L hook Auto Body Frame Tool 19) 1 Power-TEC 91066 style Multi hole Pull Plate Auto Body Frame Machine tool Please note That the color of this tool might be different from pictures depending on availability. Either RED, BLUE, TURQUOISE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GOLD, SILVER whichever is available will be shipped out. This set will be shipped in two packages! ☆☆BOARD AND HOOKS NOT INCLUDED BUT CAN BE PURCHASED☆☆ ulling-clamps-tools-chains-set Tel: (773) 386-4806 Tel: (773) 225-5979