M1M-SR830 Self-Piercing Aluminum Rivet Gun - $2499 Free Shipping Riveter comes with 1 arm, 1 charger, 2 batteries, 1 die kit, 1 work sling, Fully furnished to meet various needs. 2 lithium batteries to save charging time and increase work efficiency Rechargeable, Portable, Easy to Handle, Alarm Alert, Ergonomic design and good look with a good balance. Actuation Method: Electro-Hydraulic C-Frame Throat Depth: 1.4' Weight: 22lbs - 24lbs One Time Charge Can Rivet: 300 Rivets Battery Charging Time: 3 Hours Adjustable Setting Force: 3.3T-5.6T Motor Voltage: 18vdc 8.5' Uclamp Option - $1199.00