SD-14-9-24-10L. GALVANIZED SEMI DOWN DRAFT SPRAY BOOTH. DIMENSIONS: Internal Dimensions: 14'0' W X 9'0' H X 24'0' WD. External Dimensions: 14'4' W X 9'2' H X 24'2' D. DESIGN: SD-14-9-24-10L is an enclosed semi down draft auto spray booth. Air enters through a top ceiling plenum and is exhausted in the back through a center exhaust plenum with arrestor filters. Lights are exterior mounted on clear tempered glass for maximum light. Man access door is located on the side for personnel access. CONSTRUCTION: All panels constructed single wall with 18 gauge galvanized steel with 2’ PRE-PUNCHED (Nut & Bolt) panel flanges on outside of unit. Manufactured per NFPA 33, NEC 516. Floor rail of 14 gauge mounts booth to foundation. DOORS: Main Product Doors: (1) Set of bi-fold products doors for a 9' W X 9' H opening with observation windows. Man Access Doors: (1) Personnel access door with observation window size 42' W X 84' H. INTAKE: Intake Air Filters: 20' x 20' x 2' filter pads. EXHAUST: Exhaust Fan: (1) 30' dia. Tube-axial fan. Exhaust Motor: (1) 3HP 3-Phase. 240/480v. Exhaust Filters: 20' x 20' x 2' Paint Arrestor Filters with Wire Grids. LIGHTING: Light Fixtures: (10) Inspection Grade 4-Tube T-8 120/277V. Open type light fixtures 4 tubes T8. Electronic Ballast. HARDWARE: Set of Installation kit: Hardware, Caulking, Manometer, Screws,Nuts, Bolts, Foam tape,Flat Rubber, Filters, Wire Grids, Clear tempered glass for the open light fixtures,Small & Large brixon latch, And Assembly Drawings.